Studentenwerk - Fachhochschulen e.V.
Office, Student Hostels Kehl & Pforzheim
Zollstr. 7 D-76889 Schweigen / Germany

Student Hostel Pforzheim
Keplerstraße 75
D - 75175 Pforzheim / Germany


The student hostel has 198 single rooms. Each room measures approx 15 m² and
is fully furnished with:
Central heating, telephone connection, cable television connection and
free Internet (Lan Connection).
room with showers, wash - basins and toilets; running hot and cold water.

On each floor
Fully furnished common kitchen with electric cookers, refrigerators with boxes for food,
ovens,kitchen cupboards, dining - tables and chairs, sinks with running hot and cold waters.

Further furnishings
1. Fitness studio room, 2. big room for stadying together, 3. Launderette, 4. tabeltennis room, 5. lift / elevator, 6. big houstop terrace, 7. parking lots, 8. place for barbecue, 9. bicycle room.

The monthly all - inclusive rent is € 230,00 at September 2017 i.
Before moving into the student hostel the first rent as well as a deposit of the amount
of € 690,00 has been paid,

In addition you can rent a parking space ( limited number) for 25 € per month.

Our bank:  Volksbank Pforzheim eG, D 75172 Pforzheim / Germany
account holder: Studentenwerk-FH e.V., D 76889 Schweigen / Germany
our account: (IBAN) : DE 02 | 666 900 00 | 0000023709
(BIC) :  VB PF DE 66).
The deposit will be repaid after moving out, as per contract.

You may be admitted to the student hostel if you are registered at the Hochschule  Pforzheim.
Please use our form
APPLICATION for your registration and
send this Orginal to our office in D-76889 Schweigen / Germany
You need
Acrobat Reader

For further information you can contact us by :“Studentenwerk-FH e.V.
Office for Pforzheim, Blumen Str. 1C, 76889 SCHWEIGEN/ Germany
Tel.: 0049-6342 - 922 641, Fax:: 0049-6342-922 642, e-mail: studentenwerk-fh(at)

ADMISSION to the student hostel
The application does not establish a right to admission to the student hostel or the
allocation of a particular room.
Only singles will be admitted. The admission of married couples or relatives is not possible.
The rooms will be allocated in the order of the applications and the number of the rooms available.
You will be informated by us in writing or by telephone, Fax or E-mail.
If there are no rooms available at the requested date you will be put on the waiting list.

Information on the allocation of rooms from March ( summer term ) can be obtained
at the earliest from the middle of January and for the allocation for September
( winter term ) from the middle of July.

Bedlinen and basic necessities ( towels, tableware, pots and pans etc. ) must be brought along.
You need no furniture of your own.




foreign students

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